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One of the highlights of nearing our wedding was working with Melanie. She was so extremely flexible with our schedules and is always energetic, friendly and professional. She really helped get us into shape and we had the best time with her.

- Rachel Diskin, Brooklyn, NY

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Loved having Melanie as my trainer leading up to my wedding. She was extremely flexible with my busy schedule. Melanie has an amazing style of training. Each session she challenged me with a new move and motivated me to work harder. She was a good listener and extremely intuitive to my needs. She helped me get in great shape and feel beautiful and confident at my event. 

- Nara Ragimov, New York City

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Working with Melanie was so enjoyable because not only was she sweet and supportive, but she really listened to the specific goals I had and created a fun workout that would help me meet those aims! She thought about me as a total athlete (not just as a Pilates student) and how our work together would complement other fitness practices I had. Would highly recommend her! 

- Natalie D., New York City

Melanie has been my life saver during the wedding process!! She has been absolutely attentive to all my needs. I have learned to handle wedding stress in a much more healthier way. She is a perfect gym buddy that pushes you but at the same time motivates you to get through some tough pilates workout. Talking to her put things into perspective and gave me the peace of mind I was seeking. I absolutely recommend her to any Brides to be, she will provide you with guidance you need!! 

- Arcania Garcia, New York City

With her cheerful encouragement, Melanie helped me zero in on my health and fitness goals in our first couple meetings. After we defined my goals and identified hurdles, we were able to set achievable short and long term goals that I can work to. And Melanie has encouraged me daily -- literally texting me every day to check in (as part of our agreed upon progress plan). 

- Amanda Kallet, New York City

Melanie is very approachable. She allowed me to think through potential solutions, and I felt comfortable to share my thoughts. It was a pleasure working with her! 

- Mary Chen, New York City

Mental and physical health and well-being go hand in hand. You can't address and improve one without the other. Melanie is gentle and supportive, yet challenges me in just the right way - mentally and physically. I have significantly improved my overall well-being since working with her; stressful situations are easier to manage. Every bride who has Melanie at her side leading up, not only to the BIG DAY, but literally to a new life as a spouse, is well set up and supported! Every bride should be so lucky to work with her! Thank you!

- Juliane Locker-Olesker, New York City / Germany 

Melanie helped me get focused and regain the confidence I needed to get my fitness and nutrition back on track. I live in Brazil, but it felt like we were in the same room. She was always ready to make me focus in each session and to plan my next steps. After a session I would always get the planning for next week workout and meals ideas until we meet again. That helped a lot with my busy schedule. She was always cheerful and always made me see my progress no matter how little or how big they were. 

Paula Onira Pereira, Brazil 

In reference to the FEEL IT, SEE IT, SHARE IT NEW YEAR CHALLENGE with Amanda Russell:

Dinner night 1 tastes GREAT after doing the circuit workout! I swapped today’s chicken fajitas from lunch to dinner and added my favorite green, kale!

Side note- I’ve never cooked with cumin before and I LOVE it (and let’s get real.. I rarely cook as a single, New York lady!) but this all changes now! Feeling great on day/ night 1 of the challenge! So excited to continue this daily and to have people hold me accountable.. I certainly need it! Melanie THANK YOU! ️️️


And at the end of the challenge:


Loved the challenge! It ended up just pushing me to do the simple things like actually go grocery shopping and exercise more. It truly did just start my path to being healthy.. mind and body connected! 

Samara Goldberg, New York City 

In reference to the FEEL IT, SEE IT, SHARE IT NEW YEAR CHALLENGE with Amanda Russell: 

The New Year Challenge has been absolutely life-changing for me so far. I got stronger, kicked bad eating habits and found a fun way to eat clean (plus I lost 6 pounds on the first two weeks!).  I would love to continue with the yearly membership! It's truly amazing! Thank you so much!

Vasiliki Vakaki, Crete, Greece 

I enjoyed working with Melanie for my wedding and continue to enjoy working with her to keep toned. She is extremely passionate, patient and flexible with my busy work schedule. Melanie continues to motivate and to challenge me and I loved how I looked in my dream dress. I am forever thankful to her! 


Jessica Knoeller, Long Island, NY

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