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5 Minute HIIT Pilates: Strong & Sexy Backs for August

HIIT Pilates combines all the principles from high-intensity interval training and Pilates to:

✔ burn fat

✔ boost metabolism

✔ sculpt/tone

✔ release stress

✔ increase flexibility

For August, we’re focusing on building a strong back for those who like to wear low or open back summer tops (which are very trendy at the moment), those prepping to wear low-back bathing suits or bikinis on the beach this summer, and/or brides-to-be gearing up to wear low-back wedding gowns on the big day.

Even though it’s not the first thing you see in the mirror, a strong back is sexy and empowering. Having a strong back also allows you to engage your core better so you can stand up with better posture and keep your spine healthy.

As always, feel free to reverse the order of the workout if you want to tackle HIIT first.

Are you ready?


Here’s the August breakdown:


Swan (3 reps)

Swimming Prep (3 reps)

Swimming (5 counts)

Glute Pulses (8-10 reps per side)

Hip Bridges (3-5 reps)

Plank Hold (10 seconds)

Forearm Plank Hold (10 seconds)

Forearm Plank Knee Taps (optional swivel hips for obliques; 5-10 sets)

Plank Hold - Round 2 (5 seconds)

Downward Facing Dog (5-10 second stretch)

Roll-up (5-10 seconds)


Push-ups to Side Planks (20 seconds on, 10 seconds off - repeat 2x)

Mountain Climbers to Plank Jacks (20 seconds on, 10 seconds off - repeat 2x) was it? Feel free to share your workouts and process in social! #5minhiitpilates



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