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5 Minute HIIT Pilates: Fall Brides

HIIT Pilates combines all the principles from high-intensity interval training and Pilates to:

✔ burn fat

✔ boost metabolism

✔ sculpt/tone

✔ release stress

✔ increase flexibility

For September, we’re focusing on the most common areas that every bride wants to tighten and tone so she looks amazing in her wedding dress - for styles ranging from an a-line to a sweetheart cut - we’re focusing on arms, back, chest, and hips so you can confidently walk down the aisle.

As always, feel free to reverse the order of the workout if you want to tackle HIIT first.

Are you ready? This is going to be a tough one, but it’s quick, and you’ll feel amazing at the end.


Here’s the September breakdown:


Elbow Slip (8 reps)

Oblique Twist (5 sets)

Roll-Up (2 reps)

Teaser (3 reps)

Tricep Dip (6 reps)

Side Bend:

- Pulse Up/Down (10 reps)

- Pulse Up/Down x3 (6 reps)

- Knee Up/Down (2 reps slow; 5 reps fast)

- Deli Slicer (5 reps)

Plank to Forearms (3 reps)

Forearm Plank Knee Taps (10 sets)

Forearm Plank Hip Dips (3 sets)

Downward Facing Dog


Squat Jumps, alternating sides (20 seconds on, 10 seconds off - repeat 2x)

Burpees, optional push-ups (20 seconds on, 10 seconds off - repeat 2x) was it? Feel free to share your workouts and process in social! #5minhiitpilates



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