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5 Minute HIIT Pilates: October Obliques

HIIT Pilates combines all the principles from high-intensity interval training and Pilates to:

✔ burn fat

✔ boost metabolism

✔ sculpt/tone

✔ release stress

✔ increase flexibility

For October, we’re focusing on obliques because not only is it important to have strong obliques for functional movement in everyday life, but these exercises are great for sculpting and tightening those side areas of the body. So say goodbye to those "love handles" and let's get moving!

As always, feel free to reverse the order of the workout if you want to tackle HIIT first.

Are you ready?


Here’s the October breakdown:


Single Straight Leg Stretch (optional hand reaches) - 8 sets

Criss Cross - 8 sets

Seated Oblique Twists - 6 sets

Forearm Plank Knee Taps (optional hip swivels) - 10 sets

Forearm Plank Hip Dips - 5 sets

Side Plank Oblique Twists (both sides) - 5 twists + 5 pulses


Reptiles (20 seconds on, 10 seconds off - repeat 2x)

Russian Twist (20 seconds on, 10 seconds off - repeat 2x) was it? Feel free to share your workouts and process in social! #5minhiitpilates



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