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Express Yourself! Interview: The Gift of Health

I recently had the pleasure of being interviewed on fitness and wellness coaching by Joven Hundal and Jack Pawlakos in the Gift of Health edition of “Express Yourself!” Teen Radio.

Hosted by Voice America Kids Network and brought to you by the “Be the Star You Are!” charity, “Express Yourself!” is the #1 youth radio broadcast in the world and is the go-to destination for unedited, uncensored teen talk. The radio show covers all aspects of teen life - everything from health to charity to prepping for the “real world” after high school.

In this interview, we discuss HIIT (high-intensity interval training) Pilates, wellness coaching, and how fitness and proper nutrition can be beneficial for anyone at ANY stage - including teens gearing up for end-of-year finals ;).

Listen to the full radio interview on the Gift of Health here:

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