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5 Minute Pilates Morning Stretch

Sometimes there’s nothing better than an active stretch to get you going first thing in the morning. Even if you’re not feeling up to a full-on Pilates or HIIT workout, just getting a nice stretch in at the beginning of the day can make all the difference when it comes to increased energy, flexibility, and a positive state of mind.

I thought I would put together a quick 5 minute Pilates Morning Stretch routine that includes 16 different stretches and can be done any time, anywhere. The routine can even be done at night to wind down from an active day.

Here is the stretch routine:

Meditative Breathing

Spine Stretch Forward


Shoulder Bridge

Roll up


Downward Facing Dog


Upward Facing Dog

Child’s Pose

Straddle Side Stretch

Butterfly Stretch

Relevé Balance

Shoulder Rolls

Neck Stretch

Head Rolls




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