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8 Plank Exercises for Flat Summer Abs

Summer is right around the corner, and we’re all looking to tone up and get beach-ready.

Recently, a few of my clients asked how they can get flat summer abs, so I thought I would share a breakdown of 8 different plank exercises that you can use as you see fit on the countdown to summer.

Planks are not only great for sculpting and toning your core (including obliques and “love handles”), but they are also fantastic for tightening up your arms and back (the “bra bulge” region ;-).

These exercises can be done at your gym or in the comfort of your own home, provided you have a yoga mat. Even if you can dedicate 5-10 minutes a day to these exercises (along with following proper nutrition guidelines), you’re bound to see a difference in a few weeks.

Here are 8 quick and effective at-home plank exercises as you gear up for summer:

1. Tricep Push-ups

2. Shoulder Touches

3. Hands to Forearms

4. Walking Plank

5. Side Planks (with optional arm curl)

6. Forearms Running Knees (with optional oblique twists)

7. Reptiles

8. Oblique Mountain Climbers

As always, I would love to see how you’re doing, so please feel free to post yourself doing these exercises and/or your progress as we gear up for summer!



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