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Taste of Home in a Healthy Chicken Shepherd's Pie

I recently went upstate to New Paltz to visit my parents, and my mom and I cooked this delicious chicken shepherd’s pie recipe that I thought I’d share. She has made it several times before, and it’s light yet hearty and absolutely delicious.

I know we’re all excited for warmer weather, but if you’re missing that comfort food that goes along with winter, here’s a lighter, healthier alternative that feels like a home-cooked meal at your parent’s house. You can adjust or eliminate taco seasoning and/or paprika because there is definitely a spicier ‘kick’ to the recipe if you keep those in. I personally love it, but not everyone loves extra spice ;-).

Last night, I decided to cook the pie for me and my husband during our ‘dinner and a movie’ date night. Photos and FULL RECIPE below!

Mixing the ground chicken breast in after the onions have been cooking enough to make them tender and slightly transparent.

Adding in the salt, pepper, cumin, and taco seasoning.

Adding in the peas and corn to the mixture (I used unsalted peas and corn because I knew the recipe called for salt, but you can add salted peas and corn and lessen the salt in the ingredients, if desired).

Transferring the mixture to the aluminum tray.

After the mashed cauliflower is heated in the microwave, adding it to the top layer of the mixture and spreading evenly. Adding paprika (and parmesan, if desired).

Heating in the oven at 375 degrees for 35-40 minutes (don't forget to cover the top with aluminum foil! not pictured).

Taking out of the oven to cool before serving.