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7 Ways To Practice Self-Care This Spring

It’s been a long, cold winter this year, but the flowers are starting to bloom and we’re finally getting some warm(er) weather. I don’t know about you, but I feel like I can breathe more fully when winter comes to a close.

It feels like a weight has been lifted (literally) when we swap out our heavy winter coat for a lighter spring jacket.

Spring is a really great time to dive into self-care because there are tons of options to treat our minds and bodies. Of course, self-care isn’t season-specific. It’s important to take care of ourselves all year round, but here are some great options so we don’t miss out on the upcoming season:

1. Bring in Greenery

Spring is a great time to dress up your home with flowers and/or potted plants. Not only are they visually pleasing, but studies have shown that indoor plants remove toxins from the air, reduce stress levels, and boost your mood. Indoor plants are also known to improve concentration and boost productivity, so it might not be a bad idea to bring plants to your office environment as well.

2. Spring Cleaning

Take some time to dive into organizing and cleaning out your closets to make more space (and free up room for a fresh, new spring wardrobe and/or household items). Decluttering can feel transformative because it opens yourself up to new opportunities and gets rid of mental angst or negative energy (when you’re disorganized, your mind is constantly at work and focused on what needs ‘fixing’). It’s also freeing to be able to find items quickly and efficiently so you can move on with your day.

3. Picnic in the Park

Pack up some snacks, sandwiches, a blanket, and perhaps a bottle of wine, and head on over to a park to enjoy a nice outdoor lunch with your loved one(s). Studies have shown that spending time in a natural environment is great for mental health because it significantly reduces anxiety levels. Try to put your cell phone or other electronic items away so you can fully enjoy eating, talking, and taking in the natural surroundings.

4. Take Your Fitness Outside

Not only does outdoor fitness eliminate the idea of a crowded, sweaty gym and locker room, but the different environment switches up your routine and re-energizes the mind, body, and spirit. Of course, you can boost an incline on a treadmill, but the complex natural outdoor terrain can be more effective and also boost more calories. The air outside is also fresher and cleaner, so your workout will be more productive because of energy-boosting effects.

5. Buddy Up for Outdoor Activities

Socialization is extremely important when it comes to mental well-being. Working on social connections boosts your mood and decreases chances of depression, so when you combine socialization with the fresh air of the outdoors, it’s a win-win. There are so many affordable options, especially in New York City, to experience different neighborhoods and activities with friends and family (i.e. outdoor concerts, food trucks, festivals, parks, etc.).

6. Treat Yourself to a Spa Day

Whether at an actual spa or at-home, there is no doubt that the mind and body need time to destress and rejuvenate. Take some time to get a spa treatment, take a bubble bath, or relax in a steam room/sauna at your gym for an extra 10-20 minutes after your workout. It’s important to decompress so that you don’t increase chances of running yourself down or getting sick.

7. Plan a Staycation

Spring is a really great time to not plan. So many people are overbooked around the holidays and during the summer months, but make sure you have at least one weekend with little to no plans. This can be a perfect opportunity for a spa day or impromptu picnic in a nearby park. More importantly, not planning frees up the mind to think on your feet and be creative.

So there you have it. Seven ways to really take care of yourself this spring. Spring is a time to rejuvenate, organize, relax, and take care of YOU.

So seize the moment and put yourself first. You deserve it.

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