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5 Holiday Party Tips & Tricks: How To Have Fun And Stay Healthy

Holiday season is upon us, and there are tons of parties and celebrations - which means plenty of opportunities to be tempted to eat and drink more than usual.

But just because you want to be health-conscious doesn’t mean you have to miss out on all the fun. And it goes the other way around too - you don’t have to over-indulge in order to have fun. Moderation always wins in the end.

Think about it: how do you feel the next morning when you eat and drink to the point of gluttony? And how do you feel if you missed out on that pecan cheesecake that your best friend baked all day for all your close friends to try? Probably not that great. The solution? Eat and drink moderately until you’re satisfied, and choose socializing and other activities to take the focus off of consumption.

Here are 5 tips to help you have fun and stay healthy this holiday party season:

1. Kick-start your day with a workout and healthy meals.

Starting your day with physical exercise and healthy meals (including lean proteins, healthy and limited amounts of carbs, and fruits/vegetables) releases endorphins and opens your mind to a positive attitude, which helps you make healthy choices throughout the rest of the day.

2. Have a small meal or snack before you arrive.

If you arrive to the party hungry, odds are you will over-indulge right away to fill the hunger void (think about how most people tend to over-shop at the supermarket when they’re hungry). Your eyes become bigger than your stomach. Having a healthy meal before you leave your home will certainly help. Try healthy protein-filled snacks like a slice of Ezekiel bread with almond butter and sliced up cucumber or a hardboiled egg with crudité on the side.

3. Choose socializing over eating and drinking.

If you start to notice that you’re eating and drinking more, shift the focus to socializing with friends. Stepping away from the snack or buffet area is a simple move that can go a long way. Catch up with old friends, take photos, dance - remember that there is much more to a party than the buffet and open bar.

4. Drink water to hydrate.

A great trick I use when I want to avoid a rough hangover the next morning is drinking full glasses of water in between alcoholic drinks. Since alcoholic strips the water of hydration, drinking glasses of water throughout the night will keep the H2O flowing. Drinking lots of water increases energy, improves headaches, and flushes out the toxins.

5. Fill up on the “right” foods and savor the sweets.

It’s always better to go for the fish or chicken as opposed to the bread basket. Be mindful of what you’re eating so that you fill up on lean proteins and veggies, but also take the time to savor the sweets and desserts so that you’re not depriving yourself of what you really want.

These are just a few tips and tricks to get you through the holiday season so you can let loose, enjoy, and still be mindful when it comes to healthy eating choices. It’s important to remember to not allow yourself to get too caught up in over-dieting or over-indulging. Remember that balance is key - don’t feel guilty for treating yourself every now and then.

If you want a little help to take the pressure off on what to eat, when to eat, and what to do when it comes to fitness, sign up for the FEEL IT, SEE IT, SHARE IT NEW YEAR CHALLENGE, which is a 28-day fitness and nutrition program that kicks off on January 8th, 2018. Just signing up for a program like this can relieve the extra stress that comes with the holiday season because you’ll regain total control of your mind and body in 2018.

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