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Fall In Love With Fall...and your Fall Wedding

It’s the end of Summer, and no doubt there’s a restlessness and reluctance to get back into the swing of things. Back to work, back to school, back to routine (sans mini trips to the beach in 80 degree weather).

But similar to the lead up to New Year's Day, there’s also a feeling of excitement around the inevitable recharge and fresh start. The possibilities are endless. The week following Labor Day is a great time to set new goals. Maybe it’s finally time to ask for that promotion, train for a 10K, prepare healthy lunch meals for work, or declutter and reorganize your closets. Whatever it is - big or small - it feels good to get things done.

So yes, we’re all slightly bummed that Summer is over. But Fall brings about many, many exciting possibilities. There is a way to be excited (and not down) about Summer coming to a close. (And I mean, come on, Halloween is arguably the best holiday).

For those brides-to-be getting ready for their Fall weddings, here are 5 fun Fall-inspired activities that will help you check last minute items off your to-do list and nurture your mind and body in preparation for the big day:

1. Go for a hike

Grab your hubby-to-be and/or a small group of friends and wake up early for an invigorating hike. There are plenty of great spots right around New York City, including the many trails in Cold Spring or New Paltz (just a Metro North train ride away). Not only is hiking great exercise, but it also helps to clear the mind when breathing in that crisp, country air (no matter what challenge level).

2. Fall Cleaning & Organizing

Reorganizing your closet is not only for Spring. There’s something very therapeutic about making room for Fall clothes after a leisurely Summer. As daunting as it may sound, decluttering and revamping your Fall wardrobe releases anxiety and opens the mind to new possibilities. Get rid of the old and make room for the new (a glass of wine while listening to your favorite tunes can help get you started).

3. Tour a winery

Whether it’s out on Long Island or in Upstate New York, there are plenty of wineries to choose from for a nice, relaxing time with your fiancé and/or friends. Take a break from city life and taste a variety of wine flavors and pairings - and who knows, you might end up with a favorite wine selection for your wedding guests.

4. Get Inspired Outside and Start Pinning

Fall is a great time to be outside and take in your surroundings. Whether it’s apple picking, colorful leaf collecting, or simply taking a drive in the country, don’t forget to breathe, stay present, and enjoy every little moment. Consider taking some time to add a few extra pins to your Pinterest boards of nature, flowers, and Fall color combinations as pre-wedding inspo.

5. Start journaling and/or meditating

If you’re feeling a few extra wedding jitters, consider starting up a journaling or meditation routine. The Intelligent Change is a great resource for getting organized and calming your nerves, including the “5 Minute Journal” and “Productivity Planner”. If journaling isn’t your thing, consider a 5-10 minute meditation practice in the morning or right before you go to bed. The Headspace app provides a 10-day trial to get you started. Try the meditation exercises out for 10 days and notice any changes you may feel throughout each day.

Photos below are from my friends' Erica and Matt’s beautiful Fall wedding in North Carolina (credit: Krystal Kast Photography).​

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