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Highlight on Jamie Mendell: health & lifestyle coach who works with women on practicing more sel

I interviewed Jamie Mendell, health & lifestyle coach who works with women on implementing deep self-care into their everyday lives so they can embrace more confidence, freedom, and comfort living in their own bodies. We talked about the concept of intuitive eating, the effects of deprivation, deep forms of self-care, mind over matter when it comes to over-indulging, regimented diets vs. healthy lifestyle maintenance, and the effects of mind/body balance on health and longevity.

Jamie's Master Your Life Challenge:

The Master Your Life Challenge is a totally FREE 8 Day journey to experience what self-care really looks like. Starting September 18th, you'll receive a new mini challenge that will encourage you to nurture some part of yourself - the challenges will guide you toward mental, emotional, physical and soulful self-care. You'll wake up to a daily email outlining that day's challenge, and Jamie will be showering you with personal stories, examples, and coaching so that you understand why each challenge is important and how to integrate it into your life that day. There is also a chance to win daily prizes AND we are giving away a scholarship to the Master Your Life Course, which opens for enrollment on September 26th (right after the Challenge ends).

You can sign up for the Challenge here:

And scroll down for Jamie’s favorite things that help her live happier:

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