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Cooking, Bonding, and Eating Healthy with your Significant Other

"Kotchers in the Kitchen"

It’s been a tough week getting over a strong sinus infection, but my husband, Greg, has been incredibly helpful and supportive. Our friends Kate and Jimmy were kind enough to send us a Blue Apron discount a little while ago and we decided to put it to good use this week. We had three meals delivered to us. I was feeling a little too under the weather to participate on Monday night, but Greg did an amazing job cooking a delicious meal of shrimp and gnocchi. I finally got myself off the couch to participate in cooking the next two meals on Tuesday and Wednesday with Greg and I’m so glad that I did.

I love how Blue Apron provides the exact ingredients and portions that you need for each recipe. You don’t have all these leftover ingredients that you may never use again, and it’s a pretty easy clean-up. Also, because we were mixing it up with different healthy, delicious recipes that we ordinarily wouldn’t think to cook, I felt completely satisfied after each meal. I never felt the need to go back for seconds. I find that if I’m bored with what I’m cooking, I prepare and eat more than I maybe should.

And we all know that we need to replenish our bodies with healthy ingredients, fluids, and electrolytes especially when feeling under the weather - so I felt like this was a perfect way to combine proper nourishment without feeling guilty about what I was eating.

Tuesday 8/1 - Seared Chicken & Vegetable Ragout

Wednesday 8/2 - Marinated Beef Pitas

Moral of the story: you can eat delicious foods, feel satisfied, and maintain a certain weight all at the same time.

What’s your favorite recipe to cook with your significant other? We’re always looking for new, interesting dishes to cook together. Would love to hear your ideas!

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